Fishing Report


Fishing Report 12-29-18

Winter time Backcountry Bite.

In the Lower Keys area, Wintertime Backcountry fishing brings in a lot of action for anyone that wants to go out and have a good time and take home fish to eat. Mangrove Snapper is a popular target and one of my favorites to eat since I was a kid growing up. Also, there is Spotted Seatrout which is a popular gamefish target throughout the state of Florida. On my most recent trip, we caught over 50 Seatrout "most of them under size" along with 10 to 15 caught on fly. I would say it was one of my best days fishing for Seatrout due to the fact that we caught them on fly. But there have been other days where we have caught some big trout. So overall yesterday on my trip had some really good action. Talking about action, there are plenty of Jack Crevelles in the Backcountry. Jack Crevelles pull hard on light or on a fly rod and can really make for a fun day on the water. Spanish Mackerel is a good table fair option and can put up great fight. One other species that does not get a lot of attention are the Bluefish that we have had in the Backcountry. Bluefish are not the greatest thing to eat but they provide for some really great action. On the flats, Barracudas are on the most popular target options as these fish will hit down a top water lure or a tube lure and explode on it. Best way to describe it, Musky on Steroids. Other warm up days that could occur on the flats could bring in some Bonefish, Permit, and maybe some Redfish. Last but not least, Sharks which are great for kids. 

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