Fishing Report


Fishing Report 12-9-18

 Backcountry Fishing

  Things should improve in the Backcountry after this cold front as our season finally makes the transition into the fall/winter months here in the Florida Keys. Spotted Seatrout, Mangrove Snapper, and Spanish Mackerel are the prime target for table fair in which the fishing for those particular target species have been pretty good as of late. Some other species that we may come across to catch and keep are Lane Snappers, Yellowtail, Cobia, and Porgy which are good eating can be caught while targeting Mangrove Snappers, Seatrout, and Spanish Mackerel. Other cast of characters that we may encounter are Jack Crevalle, Ladyfish, Sharks, and Barracudas. The fishing can be non stop action when the bite is good.

Flats Fishing 

 So far in the month of December we have had a drop in water temperature which has slowed things down with the bonefish. With a good warm up on certain days can bring some Bonefish up on the flats along with Permit and Juvenile Tarpon. Days like this in the winter months require cherry picking in order to find some Bonefish, Permit, and Juvenile Tarpon as long as the water temperature isn’t too cold. One very popular target predator that is highly sought after this time of year are Barracudas on the flats. Very similar to Muskee and Pike fishing, anglers will cast lures or flies by either blind casting or sight fishing. It is very exciting to see these fish blow up on a lure and make a blistering run along with spectacular jump out of the water. Barracudas can be targeted with live bait if needed. Sharks, Jacks, and Redfish maybe present on the flats.

Charters are available. So plan your next trip!