Kingfisher Backcountry Charters

Kingfisher Backcountry Charters


Fishing Report

Flats and Backcountry Fishing report of Big Pine and Lower Keys


Fishing Report 11-24-20

Winter Time is on approach as backcountry fishing begins to fire up the Seatrout. A great target to pursue with the family which can be action packed. Seatrout is a great option to bring back home and have for dinner. Mangrove snappers will be around as well as these too are good eating. 

Bonefish are still around as long as the water temps stay warm enough for them to be up on the flats. 

Redfish is another opportunity as we may get a few shots with both spin and fly gear. The fishery we have is different from most places as we have a clear water environment and a select few spots that will hold them.

Juvenile Tarpon are still around which makes a good target for spin or Fly Fishing. 

A great option to pursue are Barracudas up on the flats which can very explosive strikes from a live bait or tube lured.

This is a great time to book charter so I suggest looking into it now if haven’t yet because a lot of people are going to be booked up!


Charters are available. So plan your next trip!