Kingfisher Backcountry Charters

Kingfisher Backcountry Charters


Fly Fishing

 Fly Fishing is one of the most unique and challenging ways to go after saltwater species. It's especially true when going after bonefish, tarpon, and permit.If you want to bring your own fly rod you are more than welcome to. I would suggest bringing a 9wt fast action fly rod with a good saltwater reel which is the most ideal for Bonefish, Permit, Jacks, Barracudas, Sharks, and small Tarpon. A 10 or 12 weight fly rod and reel is ideal for Big Tarpon, Big Sharks, Barracudas, and Permit. 

    Fly Rod and Reel Chart:

    • 8wt - Bonefish, Redfish, Baby Tarpon, Jacks, and Small Permit.  
    • 9wt - Bonefish, Redfish, Jacks, Permit, Small Tarpon, and Snook.  
    • 10wt - Big Permit and Big Tarpon  
    • 12wt - Big Tarpon and Big Sharks 

     Saltwater Fly Fishing Lessons

      Down here in the Florida Keys, weather conditions can play a big factor when fly fishing in the salt. Even if you have been a trout bum for 20+ years there are certain things in saltwater that you will need to know. Just below are a list of videos from Orvis on YouTube that can be very Informative on saltwater fly fishing. If the videos don't help, I can offer a face to face instructional tips on fly casting, presentation to the fish, and fly selection. This can be very helpful for any angler looking prior on getting out on the water to try their chances at saltwater fly fishing or if you have a trip booked with me. I can offer fly fishing lessons starting at a $100 an hour but if you have a trip booked with me and you want to do a class. I will take off 25% off the hourly rate of the hourly lesson. Call me or Email me for more details.